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Do We Have To Keep Listening To This Nonsense?

Okay, so here we go again.

Democratic consultant Hilary Rosen implies that Ann Romney is unqualified to comment on women’s economic issues because “…she hasn’t worked a day in her life.” Although Rosen, a mother herself, has apologized, saying she knows being a mom is the hardest job there is, and placing the comment within her larger point about Republican economic policies, there was something she left out of her response. That something was left out of the other comments by the DNC and the Obamas, as they distanced themselves from the “never-worked” statement.

Here it is: We never know, truly, what another person’s life is like–whether it’s easy or difficult, fulfilling or not. Nor do we know the extent of another person’s knowledge, empathy, expertise, or understanding. We don’t know what Ann Romney or anyone else knows. We don’t know what they’ve overcome, because many of life’s accomplishments are private, and don’t show up in public. It is the height of foolishness to characterize another person’s life based on what that life (even a public one) looks like from the outside. Period. Don’t do it. You’ll always get it wrong.

Now let’s move on to the Republican response to Rosen’s gaffe, particularly that of Sabrina Schaeffer, who is quoted thusly: “Many, many people in the Democratic Party view the choices that Ann Romney made as the greatest threat to feminism.”

Really? How many is “many, many?” Ten? One hundred thousand? A million? Have you taken a poll? Because hey, I’m a registered Democrat and semi-retired stay-at-home mom, and that’s not what I think at all. You, Sabrina Schaeffer, don’t know what I think. You don’t know until I tell you. And, I’ll bet you don’t know what most or many or some other Democratic women think of Ann Romney’s choices either. You need to ask, not just make s%&* up, because you’re so sure you know. You don’t know. Remember that.

You don’t know what I think. Please stop pretending to.


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